President’s Message

July 1, 2018 / Comments Off on President’s Message


It is with great pleasure that I write this first message to you as your acting President of the TTA.  Summer is in full swing and we have been blessed with some really great weather to enjoy the multitude of outdoor activities that our country affords.  So let’s make sure we are all out there enjoying them (especially the golf).

This being said our industry still faces many challenges ahead with high fuel costs and labour issues.  We have enjoyed as carriers some increases in rates due to the shortages of capacity which have very much been a breath of fresh air to our industry.  I believe that this trend will likely continue through to the winter and provide us as carriers some good news.  We do face some uncertainty with the political climate south of the border with a battle of tariffs and the NAFTA negotiations.  We can hope that the negotiations are drawn out until the next US election cycle starts which is hopefully getting a lot closer given the turmoil.  A good analogy I heard about the political scene right now is “it is a lot of bad theatre with some pretty unattractive actors”.

This is a slower period for the TTA activities but I would still like to mention to everyone to please keep scanning the website for updates and information on upcoming events.  We have a very exciting new event planned for October with the launch of a new member campaign.  It is being held Oct 17th at a very unique venue called the Paddock in Burlington.  We need to make every effort to draw in some new trucking members to keep the Association growing.   Also in September we have our seminar on “The Changing Sales Game” which can provide us all with some new ideas on attracting customers.

Connie has also worked very hard to secure the Association a wonderful Convention site set for February 2-9 in 2019.  Spots are limited and I think they will fill up fast so I encourage you to look over the flyer and to reserve your spot ASAP.

The board will be holding its annual Planning Session in September to plan the Association activities and discuss ideas for upcoming seminars.  I strongly encourage all members to supply us your ideas of what you would like to see for new seminars or events.  As members your ideas are very important to us.

On behalf of myself, Connie and the rest of the TTA Board of Directors we wish you a safe rest of your summer.

Stacey Jenkins


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