Thank you for visiting the Services area of our web site.  In this area you can learn about the many services and programs run by the TTA.

The TTA offers a complete range of services and programs to member organizations, including;

A. Educational Seminars

Each seminar we host helps our members discover new opportunities and grow their business. Our speakers are highly qualified and respected in their areas of expertise, providing TTA members with the information they need to succeed.

Do you have an idea for an educational seminar? We’d love to hear from you. Email Connie Burbidge ( to make a suggestion.

B. Site Tours

Membership has its benefits. Our members share best practices with specialized site visits to both suppliers and trucking firms, sharpening skills and refining approaches to the logistics business.

C. Networking Events

There is no better way to forge new contacts that can help you grow your business than by meeting face to face. TTA members take great pride in networking with other members and sharing new business opportunities with their partner carriers, contacts and associated trades.

D. Information Products & Surveys

Information is power, and the insights you’ll gain from TTA surveys and research will provide you with the facts needed to support the most effective decision making possible in the day-to-day running of your business.

E. Newsletter

Our “On The Move” newsletter is produced and distributed on a bi-monthly basis, and includes the latest news from the TTA office as well as relevant industry-related information articles.

Through our newsletter you’ll be able to stay up-to-date and informed about Association events, activities and various industry-relevant subjects quickly and easily

F. Legislative Monitoring & Representation

The TTA has dedicated resources to monitor the activities at the municipal, provincial and federal levels that may impact trucking and logistics. We have forged a strategic alliance with the Ontario Trucking Association to represent the concerns of our members in the halls of government and ensure our voice is heard.


G. Trade Services Directory

The TTA proudly represents all aspects of the trucking industry. Whether it’s tire manufacturers, insurance providers, financial services firms or uniform rentals, you can find them all at the TTA in our proprietary Trade Services Directory — an easy-to-use resource guide with contact information and descriptions on the goods and services provided by more than 50 leading trucking industry suppliers.

TTA Trade Directory 2016

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