April 2018 President’s Message

April 1, 2018 / Comments Off on April 2018 President’s Message


Toronto Trucking Association – Presidents Message

It’s that time again for the acting President of the TTA to share some thoughts and opinions. The tough part is to keeping those opinions relevant so I will not mention anything about a recent leadership race in the Progressive Conservative party, no mention around any new Trade tariffs, no mention of renegotiation of NAFTA, no mention of the upcoming Provincial election, no mention of the last firing or hiring of any Presidential Aid south of the boarder, no mention of where the Canadian Prime Minister extends money in assistance or as an apology that the Canadian public disagrees with, no mention of Russian cyber scandals, and certainly no mention of any previous inappropriate comments or actions between people of opposite genders.

So now that is cleared up, what will we discuss? Obviously, the world is a busy place which leads me perfectly to telling you the TTA is also a busy place.

We started the year in January with a luncheon seminar that focused on Electronic Logging Devices. In February we ran an information session on Sleep Apnea. Also in February, and one of my personal favourites, was our convention to Costa Rica. It was a great trip which was really well attended by a great group of people. After convention and also in February and early March the TTA hosted three sold out tours to Amazon’s new Brampton Fulfillment Centre. These tours were very impressive as this Brampton facility is one of the most technologically advanced fulfillment centres in Canada. Also in March the TTA hosted a Political Landscape luncheon which was of particular interest with the upcoming election and the Conservative Leadership race still going on at the time.

Based on the agenda so far, I get a little tired just thinking of the effort it takes to keep this straight and to make it all happen. Connie Burbidge our Executive Director does such a great job at coordinating all these events. Thanks again Connie!!

With only the first quarter of 2018 come and gone we are looking ahead to our very busy Spring and Fall event schedule which we hope will be very well received by our membership.

We have our annual spring social scheduled for April 5th at the Crooked Cue in Etobicoke. This will be followed by our April 11th breakfast presentation focusing on Driver Engagement and Retention. In May, we will be hosting our AGM and announcing our new 2018 Board of Directors. We have moved our AGM to an exciting new location in the junction called 3030 which also happens to be its address 3030 Dundas West. Our June 7 Golf Tournament is already sold out!

I think you get the picture there is a lot happening around the TTA these days including the upcoming Board of Director elections. But as always, we need your participation to make these events successful.

In case you were not already aware, this is a great Association with a very active Board of Directors who are committed to Member value.

We are open for business, open to your needs and ideas. So I encourage you to COME OUT and GET INVOLVED.

David Moore, President