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The TTA are pleased to offer you an amazing opportunity to join the WSIB Health and Safety Excellence program. We will be holding an informational seminar presented by the WSIB and IHSA.

We encourage you to send your Leaders of HR and/or Safety and Compliance, of course everybody is welcome and can benefit.

The date for the seminar is February 10th, from 9-11am. Check-in is at 8:30 am.

The purpose of this seminar is to show you how you can:

  1. Get up to double back on your premiums through rebates, and potentially reduce your rates in the future
  2. Create and maintain a safe working environment for yourself and employees, reducing injuries and down time
  3. Network and share best practices with other businesses

You will receive a branded WSIB badge that shows your commitment to Health and Safety. You will also have access to a culture survey to engage your employees and learn how they feel about the health and safety in your workplace.

Through the TTA, we will meet monthly, or as often as necessary, to work on the topics you have picked in a group setting. We will be guided by a provider, an ISHA representative, who can answer any questions, help you find solutions and provide templates to help you succeed.

You will be given ten topics to choose from, of which you may choose five of them to implement into your business. These are the Foundation Level Topics that we offer:

  • Leadership and Commitment
  • Health and Safety Responsibilities
  • Health and Safety Communication
  • Health and Safety Participation
  • Recognition of Hazards
  • Risk Assessment
  • Control of Hazards
  • Injury, Illness, and Incident Reporting
  • Incident Investigation and Analysis
  • First Aid

When completed by end of December 2023 you will then be eligible for your rebates.

There is no cost to attend this seminar, but you must register to get a seat.

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