March 2017 President’s Message

March 1, 2017 / Comments Off on March 2017 President’s Message


So here we are with February come and gone of the winter they said would be snowy and cold. I look out the window seeing no snow and reflect on the other day when it was over 16 degrees. Many ask who are “they” but I am now more inclined than ever to ask what do “they” know? That said we are starting to round the final corner of winter and
are hopefully on the final stretch.

At this point in time the TTA has already had its 2017 Convention in Aruba. I have to admit I am disappointed that I was not able to attend. From everyone I have spoken to who attended it was a successful week. There was one disappointment expressed to me and that was the fact they had to return home. That is always a great indicator of a great trip. I am hoping for those of you who did attend that you were able to enjoy a break, connect with business colleagues, and to also connect with those colleagues on a friendship level. That has always been my best take away on Convention.

Well the rest of the TTA is firing on all cylinders these days. The events for this year are getting nailed down thanks to the efforts of Connie. As I spoke of before there is some new flair and ideas in the wings. Got to love that Board of Directors and the work they do, just don’t tell them I said that, I don’t want it going to their heads. What I am speaking about are a few changes that are being introduced this year. This is in an effort to freshen up the Association. There has been a look at venue changes for an event or two and a greater embrace to one of my favorite formats of our luncheons which is having panel groups as presenters. With those kinds of presentation I just feel we get a lot of information from different angles on topics but keeping it in a casual and
incredibility informative way.

One of the biggest board decisions so far this year has been to hire a marketing company, Enterprise Canada, to help us differentiate ourselves in the marketplace. This is with the wish of defining ourselves between the other Associations that service our industry and to focus our efforts on what it is that makes us different and strong. As any good organization needs growth we are hoping to accomplish that as well as keeping our Association relevant to our current members.

Enterprise Canada has now finished the first phase of our marketing strategy which is the look inside phase. They have completed the Executive interviews, plus conducted meetings and interviews with current members and past members. As I say it, it’s a discovery of the good, the bad, and the ugly……hopefully with no ugly. Your comments are always appreciated as this is your Association and this effort is lead with that in mind.

My thought was this is very important information to share with you. I will continue to keep you in the know but I remain excited with the coming year in the Association.

Until next time,

David Moore