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Specializing in hazardous materials, pharmaceutical, temperature controlled services, containers, CTPAP, PIP, FAST CSA approved. Warehousing and Distribution Services.

Contact Information
Address: 205-209 Bethridge Road
Etobicoke, ON M9W 1N4
Phone: 416-675-7265
Fax: 416-675-7976
Website: www.jgdrapeau.com
Primary Contact
Contact Name: Margaret Hogg
Contact Title: General Manager
Contact Email: margaret@jgdrapeau.com
Alternative Contact
Contact Name: Theresa Sweet
Contact Title: Office Manager
Contact Email: theresa@jgdrapeau.com
Operating Information
Number of Employees: 42
Number of Vehicles: 23
Services Provided
Local Cartage: yes
Within Province Less Than Truckload: yes
Within Province Truckload: yes
Across Canada Less Than Truckload: no
Across Canada Truckload: no
To/From The U.S. Less Than Truckload: yes
To/From The U.S. Truckload: yes