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L. Ritchie Cartage has operated in the transportation industry since 1954, and started by carrying out local direct store deliveries for a major food corporation in operation around the world today. We continue to service the transportation requirements of that first customer today, together with servicing our expanded clientele. We have established our niche as a reputable carrier specializing in the food, paper and related “clean freight” sectors.

Over the years we have demonstrated our ability to reliably service our customers and to seamlessly service their customers by “pulling rabbits out of the hat” when our customers” production plants or suppliers fail to make/ship on time. With a fleet of approximately 40 tractors and 200+ food grade trailers ranging from tandem vans to tris to quads, we are well equipped to provide a quality transportation service to fulfill your transportation requirements while providing a superior level of customer service to our clientele. Services range from truckload to milkrun shipments with multiple pickups & deliveries, rather than incurring the cost of LTL shipment rates. Georgraphically we service our customer base in Quebec, Ontario and the United States.

Contact Information
Address: 2981 Kennedy Road
Scarborough, ON M1V 1S9
Phone: 416-297-0782
Fax: 416-297-5172
Website: www.lritchie.com
Primary Contact
Contact Name: Sylvia Rhodes
Contact Title: President
Contact Email: sylvia.rhodes@lritchie.com
Alternative Contact
Contact Name: Dave Ritchie
Contact Title: Vice President
Contact Email: dave.ritchie@lritchie.com
Operating Information
Number of Employees: 40
Number of Vehicles: 45
Services Provided
Local Cartage: Yes
Within Province Less Than Truckload: No
Within Province Truckload: Yes
Across Canada Less Than Truckload: No
Across Canada Truckload: Yes
To/From The U.S. Less Than Truckload: No
To/From The U.S. Truckload: Yes