McLaren Doors has been providing a superior alternative to the old wood and aluminum style roll-u doors since 1999. With our innovative thinking and design we have constructed a PVC roll-up truck door that is the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. Our light weight and ergonomically friendly door is so revolutionary it has started to change the expectations of roll-up doors in the overhead door world. Profit from our Superior Doors!Lightweight- Reduce Fuel Costs, Carry More Cargo, reduce workers compensation claims, reduce greenhouse emissions.Clean – No flaking, delaminating or rotting, Anti-microbial, no costly repairs, no rusting rollers

Tight – Cargo Guard design keeps your freight dry, Coextruded seals built into every panel, reduced thermal bridging, 94% closed cell foam

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Phone: 905-713-0772
Toll Free: 1-877-263-9153
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