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Education Seminars

Your company’s professional development is vital to its success.

The TTA is acutely aware of your need for education in our ever-evolving industry! As a leader in providing its members with specialized, expert seminars, we dig deep into topics that affect your business and help you thrive. Whether you are a small company or an established firm of an extensive fleet, staying up to date with industry trends, technologies and legislation is crucial to remaining competitive.

Don’t be left in the dust! Find your way with us!

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Site Tours

Being in a world-class city offers some incredible opportunities to take a look at what international organizations are doing to achieve top-notch feats in logistics. Our members find great value in taking site tours at various locations throughout Toronto and the GTA to gain insight and ideas to implement in their own businesses.

Join with other members for our behind-the-scenes tours, and observe best practices in their day-to-day operations. Our goal is to continually sharpen skills and refine approaches to the logistics business.

Past site tours have included Pearson International AirportAmazon, and UPS.

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A growing business requires growing partnerships. We invite you to take part in regular networking events to share new opportunities, knowledge, and services.

Building a Community of Benefits

Looking for a fresh idea to help create or expand your client base but not sure where to start?

With over 100 members in our TTA roster, we have company representatives in all aspects of the trucking industry.

  • Large Fleet Operators

  • Niche Cargo Transportation

  • Specialized Industry Suppliers

We take great pride in knowing you build mutually beneficial relationships at our events.

Do you have a great opportunity or success story you’d like to share? Join us at our next event!

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